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Grilled Cheeses
Served with 2 sides, a side salad or a cup of soup.

Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

American GC $6.29 each
White American, cheddar and provolone cheeses on hearty white bread.

Old Country GC $6.79 each
Mozzarella and provolone cheeses, Genoa salami, black olives and roasted red peppers on focaccia.

Aosta Valley GC $6.49 each
Havarti and mozzarella cheeses, artichoke hearts and black olives with basil pesto on focaccia.

49th St. Flat GC $6.99 each
Crispy bacon, brie cheese, baby spinach and avocado with raspberry vinaigrette on flatbread.

Gold Rush GC $6.99 each
Bacon, cheddar and pepper-jack cheeses and jalapenos with BBQ sauce on hearty white bread.

Mexicana GC $6.49 each
Cheddar, pepperjack and Pimento cheeses, jalapeƱos & avocado rolled in a white tortilla wrap.

European GC $6.79 each
Havarti, brie and feta cheeses and tomatoes with oil and red wine vinegar on focaccia.

Avocado Melt GC $6.49 each
Avocado with pimento and cheddar cheeses on focaccia.

Pimento Flat GC $6.29 each
Pimento cheese on flatbread.

Cardashien GC $6.99 each
Ham, Swiss, cheddar and white American cheeses on hearty white bread.

Dictator GC $7.79 each
Roasted turkey breast, Bavarian honey ham, Angus roast beef, bacon, white American and cheddar cheeses on hearty white bread.