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New Deli Interview Handout

You must be reliable in every way. We are a small business and demand that we can count on you. If you miss, it hurts every other member of the team.

Sometimes you must be flexible with your hours as we do cater and do events. We participate in some events, such as Holly Day Fair and the Dogwood Festival. You are likely to be required to work some extra hours during some of these events. 

We are a growing businesss so advancement opportunities may present themselves. There is hardly ever an instance in which an employee has left on bad terms. A vast majority of ex-employees visit the deli. Your typical day will require you to be on your feet much of your shift. You will be expected to work well within the framework of a team. 

The culture here stresses for everyone to do their job, but with personality and individuality. We hvae high expectations of you professionally - quality must be the highest and speed must be acceptable, but you are not expected to be a robot. We are all probably a little more open and relaxed than your typical job. We value your opinion and honesty. 

We deal with raises and rewards on an individual basis. Most people who were best at their job quickly familiarized themselves with the menu and took to training and procedure. They had a consistent motor and always stayed busy. Staying employed and staying busy have a direct correlation, as do being lazy or talkative and being fired. 

You will be required to be on your feet for most of your shift and must have the ability to lift up to 50 lb.

You will be asked to pass a MINIMUM knowledge test BEFORE training. We offer voluntary 6 scheduled hours of observation to help you gain enough insight to pass the menu & basic knowledge test needed to start training. If you are unwilling to learn at least the basics, then we both wish to minimize waste time & maximize time allotted to potentially beneficial relationship. We will call if you are chosen. We never hire on spot - we always discuss and make the decision in the upcoming days. 

Kitchen You must know the name of the item if you see it, including sandwiches. You must be able to differentiate between what and what isn't served grilled. In regards to scheduling, be prepared to have times vary day by day. We are a catering company as well as a sit down deli, so you must be prepared to have your start and end time vary - it's the nature of the beast. Sometimes duties can vary as well, so be prepared to work some duties not kitchen specific (say helping with trash, bathrooms, cleaning walls, etc.). Be prepared to have really busy periods during lunch rushes and special days where you will be slam busy for 3-4 hours, sometimes more, requiring concentration and great work ethic. You will be working with a meat slicer, Panini press, convection oven, veggie slicer, llong chef knives, and dishwasher, to name some. Starting salary is $7.25 per person, with quick raise for capable individuals. 

Front The most important quialities you must at least appear to possess are likability, cleanliness, friendliness and the ability to multitask. Politeness is key as your most important responsibility is to make the customer smile. You may be required to do light kitchen work at times, like pour soup, cut lemons or make tea for example. You may also have to perform light cleaning duties such as moping, dusting, cleaning tables, chairs, etc. You will have some light prep work such as placing stickers on lids, wax paper in boxed lnches, folding menus, etc. You may help set up or clean after an event and be asked to help with moving chairs and tables. Starting salary is $2.13/ hr. for waitstaff & $7.25 for cashiers (they get tables as well).. Both are well tipped positions here. 

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